Friday, October 14, 2016

VIDEO Donald Trump on Allegation He Groped a Woman on an Airplane


  1. Look, we know the guy was/is a cad and we now want to get upset because his defense is "I'm a cad"??? Even Cads have standards. I find that he is being consistent, more so than the millions of debauched Hollywood types and their celebrity followers who all peddle fad diets so they can be slim, but don't you say anything about a large person because "fat shaming" is gauche. And these same people tell us that gangsta rap is on a aesthetic and cultural par with Handel's Messiah or the Nutcracker. Then we have to listen to them feign outrage about sexualization of women as if they are Mother Teresa.

    Donald Trump is a cad. His defense to that accusation is: "I'm a cad but even cads have standards." So what is wrong with accepting his confession?

  2. Only in an America populated by metrosexuals controlled by masculine women would people be outraged by that statement.

  3. 2005 Trumpo: "... I like to kiss them. I don't even wait."

    Today's Trumpo: "Why, I never kissed that woman!"

    2005 Trumpo: "... grab them by the"

    Today's Trumpo: "It's all lies! I never touched her! Couldn't have happened!"

    It's like watchig a building fall.