Monday, October 24, 2016

Clinton Operatives Already Plotting on How to Deal During a Clinton Administration With "Extremely Conservative Politics"

This is extremely disturbing.

Via Wikileaks, a memo, dated January 14, 2016, has been leaked that shows a top Hillary Clinton adviser has formed a secretive “Policy Advisory Group.”

I have already reported at that the secretive group will be holding meetings to discuss the next recession:

The memo lists 8 potential topics, including the taxation of capital and another on inequality. What I found most interesting was the topic identified as: The Next Recession.
There is no further guidance in the memo as to what is to be discussed with regard to the "next recession." So we don't know if this about forecasting the timing of one, whether [top Clinton Adviser Heather] Boushey expects one in the first four years of a Clinton administration or if this is a more detailed discussion of how to react or use a recession as an opportunity to intervene even more aggressively in the economy.
But be aware, while we continue to emerge from the last recession, Clinton operatives are already plotting out the next recession.
But the most alarming item on the list of 8 discussion topics is item number 7:
"The Rise of Extremely Conservative Politics" 

There is no further elaboration in the memo as to what direction discussions by the secretive group will move but it should be noted that the group consists of very powerful, radical left operatives close to Hillary.

The creator of the group is Heather Boushey, Executive Director & Chief Economist, of the | Washington Center for Equitable Growth. She has already been named the chief economist of Hillary's transition team. Tyler Cowen has already done a profile on her, see: Hillary Clinton's Top Economist is an Interventionist on Steroids.

The memo identifies John Podesta, chairman of the Clinton presidential campaign, as a member.

It is not likely the group will be taking under consideration how leaders of "extremely conservative politics" should be given some sort of minority view position from which to oppose the radical left. Indeed, if there is one thing we know about the radical left is that they are vicious and active in launching efforts to shutdown opposition views.

That a radical left group so very close to Hillary has seen it necessary to put "The Rise of Extremely Conservative Politics" as an agenda item on a short adgenda list should be chilling.

Make no mistake about it, Hillary is going to make a full out attack on her opponents a top priority. Schooled in Saul Alinsky take no prisoners tactics, the attack from a Clinton administration is going to be unrelenting and vicious.


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  1. Yet, in the gun-to-head voting scenario, Robert thinks this is the better outcome...