Sunday, October 9, 2016

'Apprentice' producer: There are 'far worse' tapes of Trump

From Fox News’ Ed Henry, top Trump adviser Ben Carson suggested there would be more “bombshells” to come.


  1. As repulsive as I find Trump, he's just an exaggerated version of the American public. What's with all this hypocritical criticism? Have the American people all taken a vow of celibacy or something and have stopped lusting now? No, they are filled from top to bottom with pornographers and adulterers and strippers in everything but name. There is no qualitative difference between Trump and almost any of them. He simply does what they do to a slightly higher degree.

  2. These "bombshells" will be released in a precise timing to give the media a lurid sideshow distract from the release of the damning emails of Hillary and staff and prevent any popular discussion of Hillary and her corruption.

  3. Until someone produces proof of Trump committing espionage, selling states secrets, taking millions for official favors from among the most vile governments in the world, stealing millions from charity, enabling rape including minors, ordering destruction of whole countries, starving 100's of thousands of children, providing material support to ISIS, complicity in multiple murders, protecting and privileging Wall Street criminals or threatening war with Russia... Trump is still the better choice. Hillary is a demon and should already be in prison.

    What a bleak future humanity faces.

    1. It looks like the Mercer Family agrees with you (at least your first paragraph). Whether the future is bleak depends on what happens from here on out. People that don't watch TV news probably have a more optimistic outlook.