Monday, September 12, 2016

WOW MUST VIEW "Hillary Wore Blue Glasses Yesterday"

Murray Sabrin emails:
Hillary wore blue glasses yesterday.  No questions in the media.
Interesting video about blue lenses.

The introduction accompanying the video:
Uploaded on Aug 4, 2006
Dyskinesias are uncontrollable involuntary movements particularly affecting some people with Parkinson's Disease (PD).

This video has been made available in order to widen the awareness of PD sufferers experiencing dyskinesia that blue lens glasses may provide a certain degree of relief for some sufferers.

This video was recorded under medical supervision whilst the person was having a UPDRS assessment in 2003.

Blue glasses do not work effectively for everyone however may be worth trying by anyone suffering with l-dopa induced dyskinesias



Since the video has been taken down, here is a brief description of what it shows.

A person, presumably with Parkinson's, shaking uncontrollably. He puts on blue tinted glasses and the shaking stops. He takes them off and the shaking returns.

A blue sheet is held in front of him and the shaking stops when he focuses on the blue paper.


  1. I admit she was kind of acting like that a few days ago, but not with such severe motions.

  2. At least he can walk. Does not need a concrete barricade post to rest on.

    Looks like the blue coloring is a big help to people with the illness. Will Hillary's eye glasses get a blue tint for the debates? Will trump ask her to see her ears, for clarification that it is her, that he is debating.
    Never imagined anything so crazy as this political cycle in my life, may it get boring soon.
    Go Trump for whatever it's worth as a non voter, Hillary will most likely get a lot of us killed.

  3. Bbbbuuttt, that's not Hillary. Ooops!

  4. Surprise surprise the video got took down.

  5. Surprise surprise the video got took down.

  6. holy crap I saw that video yesterday. now it is gone.

  7. Eric Schmidt's Alphabet-google-Youtube is part of the Clinton Praetorian Guard.

    1. It truly is startling (but not surprising anymore) that this video, uploaded to educate in 2006, is suddenly censored today.