Thursday, September 29, 2016

What Did a Trump Insider Think of Donald Trump's Debate Performance?

In a new post-debate column, Judge Andrew Napolitano gives us the inside scoop on what a Trump insider thought of Trump's debate performance
Trump utterly failed to capitalize on her greatest vulnerabilities — the widespread and largely well-grounded belief that she is untrustworthy and her well-documented record as a failure as secretary of state. I know one of his debate coaches very well. I suspect that the coach gave him superb ideas and one-line zingers, none of which he used. I also suspect that the coach’s advice went in one of Trump’s ears and out the other.

Presidential debates are not won on points and counterpoints. They are won on general impressions. The general impression from Monday’s highly anticipated debate is that Clinton brilliantly controlled the ball and Trump came utterly unprepared. She succeeded in arresting her fall in the polls and reassuring her Democratic base. He failed to give independents and wavering Republicans a good reason to back him.

She clobbered him.


  1. Figuratively speaking, Trump basically had the questions beforehand. If he was surprised by the tax returns and birther questions then he's been smoking more pot than Gary Johnson. He only has himself to blame for blowing it.

  2. There seems to be two perspectives here: political and philosophical (if these are the correct words). Many people are looking at the debate sort of like a ball game or boxing match. From that perspective, they are pretty consistently saying that Trump lost. (I did not watch, so I have no opinion on winner/loser.) However, the other maybe more strategic or more philosophical view is the one espoused by Robert yesterday. In this view, Trump was sizing up Clinton, letting her throw her best shots; as Robert said, that debate was Trump's mock debate. Others have stated that Trump's primary objective should have been to show that he is not a hot-headed loose cannon; from what I've read, he accomplished that. This latter objective allowed people who only see one side of the story to see another side of Trump - 'maybe he's not as bad as we've been told'. And Robert's point was that Trump will come out swinging next debate; Clinton is pretty much out of ammo, but Trump has a full chest.

    Of course, the next debate will show who is right and who is wrong. The second debate may actually be exciting.