Monday, September 5, 2016

Trump Calls for Teaching "Patriotism" in Schools

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump signaled Thursday plans to seek nationwide changes to school curricula with the goal of “promoting American pride and patriotism in America's schools,” reports The Military Times.

“In a Trump administration, I plan to work directly with the American Legion to uphold our common values and to help ensure they are taught to America's children,” Trump said, speaking at the American Legion’s annual convention in Cincinnati.

“We want our kids to learn the incredible achievements of America's history, its institutions and its heroes, many of whom are with us today,” he told the veterans group.

Trump is extremely dangerous. He displays an authoritarian streak that would have few limits in terms of what he would use the Federal government for in a Trump administration, to implement what he would view as "right." He holds a view that what is needed is central planning done by him.

He also displays intense support for government-trained killers, i.e.the current military and veterans.

School curricula guided by Trump would be horrific. Current public school education and government influenced private education are bad enough but teaching government approved "patriotism" would advance the country to a new level of statist propoganda specifically aimed at our children.

"Libertarians for Trump" should be disbanded now.


(ht Bob Roddis)

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  1. Maybe this will kick the left in its collective head to wake up to the evils of public "education". Btw, Robert you got a shout-out on Anti-Media, they cited one of your articles on this piece