Friday, September 23, 2016

SUPER WEIRD Congratulations Libertarian Party: This is Your Nominee

Gary Johnson stuck his tongue out while talking during an interview.

Like I said, a clown---maybe a creepy clown.



  1. To call him creepy is to grant him an ounce or two of legitimacy, when you know better than most that his sole function is to discredit a 3rd choice, to discredit Libertarians, and to discredit any Ron Paul, grassroots branch of Libertarians. Gary "I'm a creepy clown" Johnson also restores some of the legitimacy lost to Hillary over her health issues. She can't keep her eyes in her head, and he can't keep his tongue in his.

    It's not issues or even policy with these clowns; it never has been. It's about simultaneously consolidating and expanding power.

  2. Name recognition... you'd think the LP would know better. Oh well.

    I guess it's time to get behind the Constitution Party candidate: Darrell Castle. In the least, he's for ending the Fed, repealing the 17th amendment, leaving the U.N., ending executive orders, and has a picture of and article dedicated to Frederic Bastiat. He even quotes Ron Paul on foreign policy. He slips in some areas but he's far ahead of the rest in many other areas.

  3. That girl was genuinely creeped out. This guy is a weirdo.