Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Some Excellent Theories on Hillary's Health

I say these are excellent theories because they come from the medical doctors that attend the Circle Rothbard here in San Francisco.

A couple of them were at our meeting last night.

Here's the thinking. One doctor believes that the general reports coming out of the Clinton campaign are basically accurate in that Hillary has no serious illness.

A second physician felt that there was probably something seriously wrong with Hillary

Here are the most interesting theories we came up with last night.

The reason Hillary is often wearing those tent-like jackets is because she is hiding a brace or some kind of medical device under her clothing. This would explain the metal that fell out of her pant leg.

Another theory that was developed by us is that the large black man that seems to be by her side frequently is something of a Parkinson's disease Horse Whisperer. Apparently, according to one of the Circle physicians, with Parkinson's disease, there is a way you can often hide your tremors and then at other times prevent them from occurring.

For example, if a person with Parkinson's lifts  a salt shaker and is focused on lifting the salt shaker that hand will not shake. However, if that same person holds the salt shaker but then turns her focus to say lifting up a fork, the hand with the salt shaker in it will start to shake. So for a  person with Parkinson's it is always important to  have direct focus on what the hands are doing.

The Parkinson's disease Horse Whisperer could be there to calm Hillary but also more important to teach techniques that will prevent the tremors associated with Parkinson's, or at least teach methods that will hide them.



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