Thursday, September 22, 2016

On Hillary Clinton and a Republican Congress

I see I need to clarify my position with regard to Hillary Clinton presidency and a Republican congress.

At a post at EPJ, IT'S DONE: Mitch McConnell Surrenders, these comments appeared:

RW, one of the arguments you make in favor of Hillary instead of Trump for president is that she will be ineffective against a Republican congress.

What gives you the impression a Republican congress led by the likes of Mitch McConnell and Paul Ryan won't just lay down like they did here?

On the surface the establishment Republicans make a big show of opposing the Democrats, but when the rubber meets the road it is just that: a big show. They are both playing for the same team.

For the record neither Hillary or Trump will get my vote, in case you think I'm advocating for him

@Jesse, I agree. The current Republican Congress will be very cozy with Hillary. A not dissimilar argument you could make for Trump is that a Trump administration will always be under the Media magnifying glass, while a Hillary administration will be able to do whatever they want with no Media scrutiny.

"No media scrutiny" is even putting it lightly. She will not only avoid scrutiny she will have multitudes of big time media outlets pushing her agenda forward.
First, I never made the claim that a Hillary Clinton presidency with a Republican congress was going to be a panacea that would result in good government. I have consistently said that either a Clinton or Trump administration would be horrific. Let me make myself clear: A Clinton or Trump administration would be horrific. I have formed: Libertarians Against Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein. Got it?

I am not looking forward to the new presidency whether it is Clinton or Trump regardless of the make-up of the Congress. That said, there is a slight advantage to having a Congress that is of the opposite party to that of the President. Emphasis on slight. This is not because I expect a major blockage of spending that is desired by the major backroom insiders. Those serious insiders control both parties. They are non-partisan. The big budgets will continue.

However, there is something of a second-tier battle between the Republicans and Democrats. They both want ultimate power and want it difficult for the other party to gain power or to look good. They will throw sand in the works of the opposing party when it doesn't interfere with the desires of the major behind-the-scenes insiders. This isn't much at all, but it is better than the president and Congress all being controlled by one party. 

Media scrutiny has nothing to do with this. No one pays attention to MSM anymore.

If Hillary is elected, Trump supporters are not going to sudden;y start taking the news from the likes of CNN and NBC as gospel. To think otherwise is a total failure to understand what is going on in the country.



  1. I agree with you RW about the "Libertarians against Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein." At the bus stop today a petitioner tried to get me to register to vote Democrat. I explained to her that I don't vote, and she was shocked. I have better things to do with my time.

  2. Hey Robert have you heard that Trump wants to make Stop and Frisk a national program?

    Looks like to me a back door to gun control in addition to being an blatant violation of the 4th Amendment.

  3. And now for the Facebook page!

    Libertarians Against Clinton, Trump, Johnson and Stein

  4. "No one pays attention to MSM anymore." Except every politician in congress and all their aids, advisors, contractors and think tanks.