Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Oliver Stone: American Corporations Were Too Scared to Finance the Film "Snowden"

Oliver Stone was interviewed Aug. 26 at Loyola Marymount University's School of Film and Television.

During the interview, reports The Hollywood Reporter, he said he skipped his mother's funeral to continue work on Snowden.

"I would have had to cut like four days of filming. And we couldn't afford it," he said according to The Reporter.

Stone also revealed that none of the major corporate studios agreed to finance the film.

"The biggest problem in the end turned out to be the self-censorship of scared American corporations," Stone said. "And that's the truth about our society. … At the price we were offering, and the script the way it was, it's very hard to believe [that there wasn't] a political factor [in denying the project financing]....although the script was admired and people wanted to make it, they said at the studio level, whatever, they said, 'Well, I have to run it upstairs,' because they no longer are in charge of their own studios. You have to realize that. So they run it to the corporate boards that run these gigantic megalopolises that own these studios. And the lawyers always say, 'No, no, no. This is going to be a lawsuit, controversial.' Or, 'We have a pending deal with the U.S. Government Department of Justice. We want to merge with XYZ, and that merger's worth $30 billion or $100 billion to us. We don't want to have any problems with the government.' So it becomes self-censorship by the private corporations not to antagonize in any way Mr. Obama or the DOJ."

The film was eventually produced jointly by Endgame Entertainment, Wild Bunch,KrautPack Entertainment,Onda Entertainment and Vendian Entertainment

Snowden opens Thursday, September 15.




  1. Some have said that Hollywood is really the propaganda division of the government so this doesn't surprise me at all. While Iran and ISIS are the state's #1 and #2 enemies right now, Snowden is still up there on their list

  2. --- So it becomes self-censorship by the private corporations not to antagonize in any way Mr. Obama or the DOJ. ---

    State-worshipper Stone receives an education on what the power of a state he agrees with really feels like.