Thursday, September 29, 2016

Newsweek Cover Story Hit Piece on Trump

They are trying to take out Donald Trump's supporters amongst Cuban's in Florida.

From the piece:
A company controlled by Donald Trump, the Republican nominee for president, secretly conducted business in Communist Cuba during Fidel Castro’s presidency despite strict American trade bans that made such undertakings illegal, according to interviews with former Trump executives, internal company records and court filings.
Documents show that the Trump company spent a minimum of $68,000 for its 1998 foray into Cuba at a time when the corporate expenditure of even a penny in the Caribbean country was prohibited without U.S. government approval. But the company did not spend the money directly. Instead, with Trump’s knowledge, executives funneled the cash for the Cuba trip through an American consulting firm called Seven Arrows Investment and Development Corp. Once the business consultants traveled to the island and incurred the expenses for the venture, Seven Arrows instructed senior officers with Trump’s company—then called Trump Hotels & Casino Resorts—how to make it appear legal by linking it after the fact to a charitable effort.The payment by Trump Hotels came just before the New York business mogul launched his first bid for the White House,
seeking the nomination of the Reform Party. On his first day of the campaign, he traveled to Miami, where he spoke to a group of Cuban-Americans, a critical voting bloc in the swing state. Trump vowed to maintain the embargo and never spend his or his companies’ money in Cuba until Fidel Castro was removed from power.
Of course, from a libertarian perspective,conducting free trade in the face of an embargo is heroic.



  1. If most immugrants aren't secretly anti-government, they're certainty pro-opportunity. The only group I can think of who will find this offensive might be the SJWs and only marginally.

  2. And the US gov't imported tons of cocaine in the 80s... What's the point?

    Read: Dark Alliance

  3. Didn't Clinton and Obama aid ISIS and other jihadists in violation of US laws? Trade, such as what Trump engaged in, brings peace. Arming extremists and jihadists bring perpetual war. Which is libertarian and just?

    Note: Of course, trade with Cuba under Castro is not really free trade, but all forms of trade lead toward peace.