Wednesday, September 7, 2016

Judge Napolitano: FBI Tricked Hillary

The FBI set up a trap for Hillary Clinton during their questioning of her and she fell right into it, according to Judge Andrew Napolitano.

Judge Napolitano appeared this morning on the Don Imus Show on WABC radio and told Imus that at one point early in their questioning of her they lied to her. He said that, under law, they are allowed to do so and did so to set a trap.

He said they took an innocuous email that she had received from one of her underlings and put the markings on it that indicated it was an email classified as SECRET. They asked Hillary if she had ever seen the email before, she said, "No."

But upon reading the email, she went on to say, "I don't know why this is marked secret. There is nothing classified in it." Bam, she fell into the trap.

The FBI by marking the email with the markings that indicated that it was SECRET was only attempting to get Hillary to indicate that she understood what the SECRET markings meant and she did.

Judge Napolitano also told Imus that there will be more negative news coming out about the Clintons, especially the Clinton Foundation, He did not provide details.



Judge Napolitano has put his report on the FBI secret marking in writing and clarified a bit:
At one point during the interrogation, FBI agents attempted to trick her, as the law permits them to do. Before the interrogation began, agents took the hard copy of an innocuous email Clinton had sent to an aide and marked it “secret.” Then, at her interrogation, they asked Clinton whether she recognized the email and its contents. She said she did not recognize it, but she questioned the “secret” denomination and pointed out to the agents that nothing remotely secret was in the email.

By examining the contents of the email to see whether it contained state secrets, which it clearly did not Clinton demonstrated an awareness of the law — namely, that it is the contents of a document or email that cause it to be protected by federal secrecy statutes, not the denomination put on it by the sender.

This added to the case against her because she later told the FBI that she had never paid attention to whether a document contained state secrets or not. In the strange world of espionage prosecution, this denial of intent is an admission of guilt, as it is profoundly the job of the secretary of state to recognize state secrets and to keep them in their secure government-protected venues, and the grossly negligent failure to do so is criminal.


  1. What good did it do, given Comey and Lunch are bought-and-paid-for puppets that never wanted her to face any punishment?

  2. If you want to have some idea what the Judge is referring to Re: the Clinton Foundation, I suggest you Google Charles Ortell, he is a forensic accountant who has been investigating them, he just published today an overview of 40 instances of illegal actions of the Foundation that prove it is a giant charity fraud scam. (as well as money laundering). A lot of people are in deep crap with the IRS for believing one word the Clintons have said. I suggest everyone who donated talk to your attorney ASAP, and join together in a class action lawsuit. Trust me this guy is the real deal, and a meticulous investigator. You have been warned. Oh by the way, the Foundation is currently also being investigated in NY and AK by their respective attny. generals offices too. Can anybody say RICO?
    Lex Gnosticos

    1. It's Ortel, but you are correct. I'm reading his executive summary now.

  3. If you want to know what the Judge is talking about, RE: the Clinton Foundation I suggest you Google "Charles Ortell". He is a forensic accountant who has been investigating the Foundation for a while now. Just today he published an overview of 40 instances he discovered concerning Foundation illegal activity, which amounts to massive charity fraud(and money laundering). In short anybody who donated is in deep crap with the IRS because of their fraud. I also suggest very strongly you contact your attny. ASAP and band together and start a class action suit to protect yourself as well as amend your tax returns. You can never believe a word they(Clintons) say, ever.
    As a further FYI, the Foundation is also under investigation in NY and possibly AK by the States Attny Gen offices. One final note- this guy Ortell is the real deal, a very competent and meticulous investigator, check him out. Can anybody say RICO?