Friday, September 23, 2016

First Video of Deadly Police Shooting in Charlotte

Another dead victim who didn' comply with coppers.

Coppers will always escalate. It is dumb when you are on the street to not comply with orders of coppers. In this case, apparently, the black victim, shot by a black cop, has some type of brain injury.

 The cellphone video (via NBC News) was released by the family of Keith Lamont Scott taken by his wife during the fatal encounter with police. His wife, narrating the video, pleads repeatedly with Police not to shoot her husband. She tells the police "he has a TBI, he's not going to do anything to you guys, he just took his medicine." TBI refers to Traumatic Brain Injury. His wife tells her husband "Keith, don't do it." After the shooting his wife repeats over and over "he better live."




  1. Shot in the back. No evidence of a gun in his right hand, at least. Was he right-handed? I don't see any evidence that he was threatening the police in any way. Seemed to be standing in one spot, facing away from the police who shot him.

  2. Robert, erase my earlier comment about no evidence. On a second look, it appears he reached into his right pocket and may have spun around just prior to shots being fired.

  3. I looked at the video. The first thing that caught my attention was the police threatening the lady (the wife) holding the gun. She was able to get a much clearer picture of the confrontation until the moment the officers told her to move away.

    I sense the police did not want witnesses before they assassinated this man. Didn't work out exactly as they planned, though.

    1. Sorry, it should say the lady holding the camera (phone).

  4. Hi it's me from comment #1 and #2 above. After reviewing this video it looks like Keith Scott exited the car, walked backwards, made no other aggressive move and was then shot dead. In addition the cop in the red shirt had the clearest view of Keith Scott's right hand and lowered his weapon as Scott's right hand came into view. There is no indication of a weapon on the ground near Scott's body immediately after the shooting.

  5. Hi. Me again. Let's note that a 2nd cop (the one with a body cam) had a full view of Keith Scott's right hand from about 8 feet away just as Scott emerged from the SUV. This 2nd cop did not raise his weapon which you would think he would do if he saw that Scott presented a threat. Also, cops are heard to be saying "drop the gun", when Scott is still inside his SUV with windows rolled up... did the cops have x-ray vision or something? Did they really think that Scott could hear them with the SUV windows rolled up? Why did they suspect that he had a gun at all?