Friday, September 9, 2016

Did Trump Indicate That He Considered Obama Weak Because He Didn't Take Out Assad When a Plan Was Proposed?

During  NBC's Commander-in-Chief Forum on Wednesday night, Donald Trump said that during his intelligence briefing he divined that intelligence officials were "not happy" with President Obama.

"What I did learn," Trump said, "is that our leadership, Barack Obama, did not follow ... what our experts said to do ... And I was very, very surprised.

"I could tell — I'm pretty good with body language — I could tell they were not happy."

NBC has a follow up story largely quoting anonymous intelligence sources about Trump's comment and their not being happy about it but what caught my eye is that NBC added this in the closing paragraph of a 25 paragraph story:
 NBC News has reported, senior intelligence officials in 2012 proposed a covert operation to oust Bashar Assad in Syria, but Obama decided not to move forward with it.
It sure looks like NBC is telling us that this is likely what Trump was referring to/when he said Obama did not act on advice. Does this suggest that Trump would have taken Assad out?


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