Tuesday, September 20, 2016

BREAKING: Jesse Benton Sentenced

Ron Paul Inc. operative Jesse Benton has been sentenced. He received:

2 years probation
$10,000 fine
6 months home confinement



Prosecutors sought 27 months prison time.

 (ht Scott Berens)


John Tate also received 2 years' probation,  6 months house arrest & a $10,000 fine.


  1. "The comfortable home that we hoped to raise our children in, I don't know if we're going to have that."

    $500k whoring for McConnell plus whatever he's made with his "Great America" Trump PAC(prior to being booted) would seem to provide comfort, at least on an economic basis- if he's lived his life frugally.

    Maybe the "discomfort" he's suggesting as a possibility is his conscience- though it would appear he dispensed with that some time ago.

  2. You have kept a close watch on this and related legal cases and written many posts. My sense is that you often describe legal defendants' alleged actions such as selling drugs or insider trading as "non-crimes", but I can't recall you ever describing these cases that way. Did Jesse Benton violate the NAP here?

    1. Question of the day:

      Would someone who supported Hitler for office knowing his policies would result in the "Final Solution" be guilty of a NAP violation?

      I believe Block would argue "no", I don't necessarily agree. I see much grey there as well.

  3. Does this make home a convicted Felon?

  4. Why didn't he use the money he paid the Bachmann supporter to teach Cantillon Effects to the rabble? Why don't we ever try to teach Cantillon Effects to the rabble?

  5. He also has to register as a campaign rules offender for life. And not get anywhere close where voters gather to play. Less if he offers candy and drives a van.

  6. Never shall I donate to a campaign again. Et tu Ron Paul, et tu?