Friday, September 23, 2016

2 Federal Attorneys, Local Law Enforcement and a Child Welfare Agency Probing Weiner

NyPo reports:
Everyone from local law enforcement to US attorneys in two states are probing Anthony Weiner’s months-long sexting relationship with an underage girl.
Prosecutors in Manhattan US Attorney Preet Bharara’s office issued a subpoena for the sext-obsessed former lawmaker’s cellphone and other records, law-enforcement sources said Thursday.

The NYPD’s Special Victims squad and Manhattan District Attorney’s Office are also looking into the latest scandal involving Weiner, who’s been accused of sending a 15-year-old high-school student sexually-explicit texts and topless selfies.

“We’re looking to see if a crime was committed in New York and if there’s a complainant,” an NYPD official said.

The US Attorney’s Office in the Western District of North Carolina, where the teen lives, will be “reviewing all materials relevant to the matter,” a spokeswoman said.

“With all of these law-enforcement agencies, both local and federal, now looking into this case, it’s a sign that they’re really going after him,” a law-enforcement source said. “They want to nail him.”

The teen student came forward with a slew of graphic texts and photos this week, saying Weiner told her about his “rape fantasies,” sent her pornographic videos and asked her to masturbate for him via Skype.

Using the alias “T Dog” instead of his former pseudonym “Carlos Danger,” Weiner told the underage girl how “hard” he was — and once boasted she would “limp for a week” after having sex with him, the Daily Mail reported.

She said the texting started in January and didn’t end until July.

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  1. Theory: Wiener has been pulling this crap for a long time and got away with it because of who he was. After Human dumped him he made some kind of threat and now he getting thrown to the sharks. He's like a mafioso who fell out of favor with the Don, ran his mouth too much then woke up next to a dead hooker with the cops knocking on the door.