Friday, August 19, 2016

Trump Advisor Warning Trump About China

Donald Trump economic advisor  Peter Navarro  has said that it is very likely the U.S, will go to war with China.

While Trump appears to have a bromance with Russian president Putin, there appears to be no indication that Trump feels the same way about Chinese president Xi Jinping. Indeed, it appears that Trump sees China as a major adversary.

Navarro, with his discredited mercantilist views, topped off with his view that China will be a military threat to the U.S., is feeding into Trump's uninformed, barbaric anti-China thinking.

 In late 2015, Navarro told Asia Society’s online magazine ChinaFile that in the 2016 presidential election, “you would want a candidate worried about China.”

He said that the United States has been engaged in a “grand distraction” with conflicts in the Middle East since 9/11 and has lost sight of China’s rising power. He claims that since joining the World Trade Organization in 2001, China has grown at “phenomenally high rates” and has begun to build “what will soon be, arguably, the most powerful military machine in the world, second not even to the United States.”

China’s 2015 military budget was $146 billion — less than a quarter of the United States’ $598 billion — and its overall economy stands at about $10 trillion, compared to the United States' $18 trillion.


(via Asia Society)

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