Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Special Shout Out To Tom Woods Who Put Out This Email

What I Read Every Day

by Tom Woods
Some people have been asking me what websites I like to read for news and opinion.
So here you go. You won’t be shocked by any of these, but I’ll bet there are some relative newbies among you who won’t know all of them.
It goes without saying that I don’t necessarily agree with everything on these sites.
(1) Of course. And I love Lew’s Political Theatre blog, which tells me the real news behind the headlines.
(2) Target Liberty. Robert Wenzel’s libertarian site gives me lots of great content every day (and I visit the site multiple times a day), and the occasional movement gossip, which I secretly love.
(3) Economic Policy Journal. Here’s Bob Wenzel’s strictly economic and financial blog. If I were more of a grownup, it would have more appeal to me than Target Liberty, but….
(4) The only person I pay to read. Dr. North knows more about U.S. and European history, and the various schools of historiography, than I ever will, and he’s so prolific it’s ridiculous. If his critics could write one article for every 100 he produces, we’d be getting somewhere.
And that’s not to mention his knowledge of economics, business, marketing, and entrepreneurship.
(5) Drudge Report. Not libertarian, but he finds a lot of good stories, and I can figure out what’s resonating with the right wing based on how long Drudge emphasizes a topic.
(6) Not quite every day, but I do read (and donate to)
(7) Again not quite every day, but I like to read what David Stockman has to say, over at David Stockman’s Contra Corner.
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  1. That's some heavy duty endorsement!! However, it does bring up the unpleasant specter of the echo chamber.
    These are almost precisely the sites I visit every day. Of course, MY list includes So, we all read and commend each other for such insights. And so on and so on. But where are the NEW readers?
    I am just beginning to appreciate the incredible power of the Ron Paul campaigns and the inrush of newly enlightened libertarians. All the more reason to be so disappointed in the Rand Paul and Trump campaigns.

    1. For new readers thats what social media is for, I regularlly will post articles from here and other liberty sites on facebook and twitter

  2. Nice of Tom Woods to give both of your sites his blessing

  3. Glad you saw this, Robert. I sent you a message on Twitter about it, but I didn't realize I was logged into an old account I used for a club night that I used to promote. EPJ and TL are among my daily reads as well.