Thursday, July 21, 2016

Republican National Convention Day 3: Signs of a Trump Political Dynasty?

By Robert Wenzel

Day 3 of the Republican National Convention began with the focus remaining on Day One of the convention when Donald Trump's wife, Melania, delivered a speech that included plagiarized lines from a Michelle Obama speech.

Heroically,  a loyal staffer, Meredith McIver, took the hit and attempted to explain away the plagiarism as an accident by her, in true Rose Mary Woods fashion.

 Rose Mary Woods 
Woods, who retired after her boss, Richard Nixon, resigned from the White House, left Washington D.C. after the Nixon resignation and moved to Ohio, her home state, quite coincidentally the scene of the plagiarism.

With the mysterious McIver taking the hit, next up in the show, that PT Barnum would be proud of, was Ted Cruz. He, of course, launched a Cruz missile by taking plenty of speech time but not endorsing Trump. The crowd booed. So  much for the Great Negotiator's ability to keep Cruz in line. I hear the Chinese are tougher to deal with than Cruz.

Cruz's wife had to be escorted out under protection as the crowd yelled at her, "Go back to Goldman Sachs."  It is not clear if the chanting crowd was aware that Trump is considering a Goldman man for Treasury in a Trump administration.

It was reported that Cruz after his "vote with your conscience" speech headed to a donor booth and was dissed by those there, with one donor having to be physically restrained from attacking Cruz.

CNN political commentator David Axelrod stated that Cruz's refusal to endorse Trump was a calculated risk. For Cruz's sake, he better hope his calculations are better now than the failed calculated risks he took in the primaries, which have placed him in the role of a deep outsider at this nomination coronation.

I don't believe Trump has a short memory. If he is elected president, Cruz may come under investigations for many things---and his father may be taken in for questioning about his role in the JFK assassination, and waterboarded to make him talk. Who knows? Ted may even be taken in and have electric shock clips placed on his testicles that will be used in the new Trump administration expanded enhanced interrogation techniques to see if the old man told the kid anything about the JFK hit.

Eric Trump followed Cruz on stage and delivered a very impressive speech. We have now seen Trump's children (from wives 1 and 2) speak, Tiffany, Donald Jr. and Eric with Ivanka scheduled to speak tomorrow.

One gets the sense that these apparently naturally skilled orators, especially Donald Jr. Eric and Ivanka, have caught the political bug.

Regardless of how things turn out this November for their father, it is unlikely we have seen the last of these Trump kids in the political arena.

We may be witnessing the buddings of a political Trump Dynasty in the making. The media seems to like these kids. In many ways, they are the political real thing that the media portrayed the Kennedy kids to be when all that was left was the unassassinated (why bother?) boozing Teddy and the not well-adjusted cousins.

There seems to be little to no libertarian leanings in the Trump kids,so there is not a lot to cheer about from a libertarian perspective about a Trump Dynasty, except maybe that they are young enough that one of them might still discover and latch on to why real liberty is important. But if I was a betting man, I'd rather bet that by some miracle those still holding Trump Atlantic City casino bonds will receive 100 cents on the dollar, than that one of the kids turns libertarian,

Newt Gingrich followed Eric on stage and gave the type of speech you would expect. He saw terrorists ready to attack us from everywhere. I thought for dramatic effect he might take his wig off and shake a tiny terrorist out of it. But he settled for declaring with absolute inanity when you consider the nature of terrorism that "There is no success without victory."

The night closed with Trump's new vice-presidential pick Mike Pence, giving what one could call a Joe Biden-type speech. It was solid. He'll be a staunch supporter of Trump. will stay on message and won't be any trouble.

Trump came out after the speech and gave him a kiss.
Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of and Target Liberty. He is also author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics. Wenzel onLinkedIn

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  1. How obliging of Cruz! His pledge violation was the perfect denouement of Lyin' Ted. Not only did he play the role Trump wrote for him; not only did he serve as the pageant's human sacrifice; he even cut his own throat as his final gesture. Bravo! Bravo!