Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Republican Convention Night One: Insanity

By Robert Wenzel

I went out for a dinner after tonight's RNC spectacle before sitting down to write this and I am still stunned.

I can't see how any libertarian could support Donald Trump after what went down Monday night. The experience reminded me of the movie The Bag Man.

The movie is filled with lots of strange characters, who seem to have no trouble shooting and killing. In a strange way, they seem engineered to kill, In the background, who we don't see too much of on screen, is Robert DeNiro, a billionaire who is pulling all the strings.

In the middle of it all is a very beautiful woman played correctly in somewhat robotic fashion by Rebecca Da Costa.

You end up cheering for Da Costa's character amidst all the insanity and killings because, well, she is extremely beautiful so she can't be ignored and the script is written in a manner that makes her seem innocent and vulnerable amidst the madness.

And so last night we had the very beautiful Melania Trump on stage in Cleveland--she is almost as beautiful as Da Costa. And the billionaire Donald Trump making only a cameo appearance but pulling the strings from behind the scenes.

It is not clear if Melania had ever delivered any type of significant public speech before, even in high school, never mind that the speech she gave Monday night was also in English, a second language to her, in an arena packed with thousands and a national television audience of tens of millions.

And so it was difficult not to cheer for Melania when she faced such an outsized task, with a world watching that would remember, forever, if she had flopped . But she pulled her task off with coolness, smoothness and style..

If presidential candidates were chosen by their first partners, it would be Melania over Huma Abedin in a 50 state sweep.

But alas there is more to the ruling game than a beautiful and pleasant-seeming  woman nearby--and there  is the problem

The beautiful Melania was sandwiched around some of the most remarkable war hawks to ever take a political convention stage. The men surrounding her were positively insane with bloodlust, making no logical sense and holding back from shouting out "Off with their heads" only becasue it might actually clue even the slow in the national audience about their bloodlust.

The first side of the sandwich was a double slice of Senator Tom Cotton and former New York City Mayor Rudy Giuliani.

Cotton was up first and lived up to his name by giving a speech that was as bland as a white cotton T-shirt--before the bloodstains appear from killings.

"Hell is on its way," he shouted to the crowd as if ISIS warriors actually feared him. But it was clear, he expects Donald Trump to go to war.

Guiliani was up next and he seconded Cotton's threat to ISIS fighters. "We're coming to get you,"
 he said and then called for "unconditional victory."

What kind of presidential candidate would allow such mad men to be guests on the convention floor, never mind allowing them to beat war drums on stage?

But as it turms out, after the beautiful Melania spoke, the worst was on the other side of the sandwich in the form of retired Lieutenant General Micahel Flynn,

I had never seen him speak before, he is one seriously scary dude,

He looks like the type that would rip the guts out of an enemy soldier he had just killed and take the guts back to a fox hole for dinner. I'm talking seriously insane.

And, as if he needed to make clear after 10 minutes into his talk that he lives for killing, at the end of his speech not once but twice he called out the neocon war cry, "American exceptionalism."

If Trump wins the election, historians in future decades are going to play back the clips from this night to show there were clear signals that Trump was surrounding himself with major war mongers before the great wars began.

Robert Wenzel is Editor & Publisher of  EconomicPolicyJournal.com and Target Liberty. He is also author of The Fed Flunks: My Speech at the New York Federal Reserve Bank. Follow him on twitter:@wenzeleconomics. Wenzel on LinkedIn


  1. Melanie copied her speech from Michelle Obama: https://twitter.com/mikehearn/status/755260215021432832

  2. Flynn was a pretty lame speaker. Unfortunately very few Americans these days could tear his speech apart when he speaks of revolutionary and founding principles, "for democracy".
    The crowd didn't seem to care much about his speech either, they are there to see one man only, Donald Trump.

  3. Sounds like Flynn is plagiarizing Goebbels' Totaler Krieg speech, with the war party in full support.

  4. 155 years of "fearlessness" in "American exceptionalism", warmongering interventionism.

    One scary, collectivist individual.