Friday, July 22, 2016

Crazed Neocons Aren't Always Wrong....

...especially when it comes to Donald Trump.

Ben Shapiro observes:
Trump’s new Republican Party has nothing to do with the Constitution or conservatism – he mentioned the Constitution one time this week, conservatism zero times, freedom one time, liberty zero times, the unborn zero times, God zero times, and himself some 83 times. As he said, America is broken and “I alone can fix it.”

Trump promises to fix your problems; Hillary promises to fix your problems. Freedom means fixing your own damn problems. It’s their job to get government out of your way.

Or at least that used to be the conservative line...
The keynote speakers on Trump’s big night supported the secular materialism of the Trumpist philosophy. Ivanka Trump, a friend of Chelsea Clinton’s and registered independent, dropped leftist myth after leftist myth last night – she said that there was a wage gap between men and women, and suggested that governmentally-subsidized child care and governmentally-subsidized maternity leave would be the solutions. She then told Americans why Donald Trump ought to be their boss: “He is the single most qualified person to serve as the chief executive of an 18-trillion-dollar economy.” But the economy doesn’t need a chief executive. The economy is not a business. It is a free market. The notion of an economy organized top-down should be anathema to conservatives... 
Trump isn’t about representing conservatism either. He couldn’t care less about it. But the conflation of Trumpism with conservatism will utterly destroy the latter.
Well, I'm glad, at least. it is conservatism that is going to be destroyed  and not libertarianism.

Oh yeah, I forgot, there's a Libertarians for Trump group.



  1. Broken clocks (even a twerp like Shapiro) are right twice a day. Conservatism finally being destroy would bring a smile to my face, but being a cynic, one can't destroy an idea only discredit it. The nomination of Trump should once and for all put to bed the myth that conservatism is for keeping the state in check.

  2. its probably a little late for my libertarians for Bush/Rubio/Walker/Perry group.

  3. Listen to the free market rhetoric, would you? It always appears in election years - or when a political group feels threatened with loss of power.

  4. How many libertarians for Trump are anarchists instead of minarchists? A minarchist recognizes Trump is an authoritarian opponent. Anarchists think all statists are evil, so they support the "least" bad.