Sunday, July 17, 2016

Baton Rouge Shooter Was a Former Marine

Imagine my surprise.

Police said the suspect, identified as 29-year-old Gavin Long of Kansas City, Missouri was shot and killed at the scene. According to ABC7 New York, public records show that Long is a former Marine.

This is like a bad movie, The government trains these guys to they are turning their guns on the government.

It's all part of complex domestic blowback.



Gavin Long, also known as Cosmo Setepenra

According to Heavy:
[Long] used the name Cosmo Setenpra online, and discussed the Dallas attack on police officers and recent police shootings of black men in social media posts.
“Violence is not THE answer (its a answer), but at what point do you stand up so that your people dont become the Native Americans…EXTINCT?,” he wrote on Twitter on July 13...
Long described himself on Twitter as a “Freedom Strategist,” “Radio Host,” Mental Game Coach, “Alpha Preneur, “Autho, “World Explore,” Former Marine,” and says he has an “☥Ethiopian Bloodline☥.”

Long served in the Marine Corps, CBS News reports. He left the Marines in 2010 with an honorable discharge as a sergeant at the E-5 level.

 A reporter from Kansas City says she went to the address where Long lived and was met by someone armed with a gun:

Long went to Dallas after the attack on police officers on July 7, 2016, according to a video he posted to Youtube. This you have to see. It appears there is a black on blue war for sure.



  1. I don't condone shooting random cops, but have long predicted that, because of the way cops have acted like such total assholes, with impunity, this was coming.

    Will the powers that be make some long-needed changes, or will they circle the wagons tighter? The former would involve some actual thinking, so I'm not holding my breath.

  2. I can't see the State doing anything but taking advantage of these things to gain more control.
    What do the powers that be care about a cops life?

  3. The police aren't the enemy. Stop the madness.

    1. They are the enforcement arm of the enemy: the state. They are bad people by the nature of their "job", but the BLM radicals are insane and their murders are totally unjustified. This video... wow if I had seen that ahead of time I think I would have reported it to You Tube... scary delusional guy.

  4. --- It's all part of complex domestic blowback. ---

    I heard from the president and opinion makers in the media that the problem is that there's too easy an access to guns in this country. Or something.

    I guess blaming anti-government rhetoric is reserved for white citizens who protest the taking of property too vociferously for the tender ears of meia pundits and "authorities."