Saturday, June 11, 2016

The Danger in Social Justice Warrior Wacky Totalitarianism

Breitbart reports:
 [I]t is now an offense in Washington State to ask a man in a woman’s bathroom if he thinks he is male or female. 
This is all part of the latest social justice warrior transgender totalitarianism advocacy.

A transgender is simply a person who holds a distorted view of reality. It is really the same form of thinking that a boanthropist displays. It is noteworthy that boanthropy is considered a psychological disorder.

That said, transgenderism is a generally harmless distortion. It is certainly a lot less harmful than the distorted thinking of Keynesian economists and econometricians.

However, in the hands of social justice warriors, transgenderism is being used as a wedge to dictate actions and attitudes. It is, in other words, used as one beachhead for totalitarian dictates against freedom.

In a free world, one would be able to say, think or deal with transgenders on one's own property in any way one chooses. That is not the case where social justice warriors influence those who set the rules.

Social justice activism is about gaining power over individuals and taking away freedom. It is about attacking current cultural values and creating a Dali-like rule over the people. It is a world, where a man can think he is a woman and all must, by force of law, accept this view and go out of their way to play along with this reality distortion.  It is a world where cheering on increasing standards of living is viewed as racist.

There are plenty of people who hold all kinds of wacky views and I have no desire to attempt to change those views or to prevent them from holding and discussing their wackoist-type thinking. However, the problem I have with social justice warriors is the warrior part. They aren't satisfied operating in their own distortion field, they want to force on the entire planet their distorted thinking and that makes them dangerous, That makes them anti-freedom. It makes them totalitarians and they have a very long totalitarian agenda.



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