Sunday, June 5, 2016

(((Reactionary))) Response to alt-Right Cowbells

In response to alt-Right members who are placing "cowbells" around Jewish names. [See: (((The Jewish Cowbell))): Unpacking a Gross New Meme From the Alt-Right], it appears some Jews (and Jewish sympathizers?) are self-identifying themselves with cowbells.

On my twitter feed, I have noticed that both Megan McArdle and  Alex Nowrasteh have put cowbells around their twitter names.

McArdle, of course, isn't a Jewish sounding name, perhaps the Ron Paul-hating, beltarian is half-Jewish or maybe just a sympathizer. Nowrasteh, who does good research, has a Persian father.



  1. When I read articles like this, I think of tweets like this:

    #AltRight This cracked me up. A Jewish commenter at VP upon hearing about the ADL's new Thought Police posse:


    I also thought it was very funny. I first encountered the cowbells at Vox's blog and didn't understand until recently that they originated elsewhere. I don't really have a problem with them or people who don't like Jews. It's not like they don't exist, and it's very convenient for all concerned that they make their opinions public. Mocking the cowbells is a very appropriate response.

  2. Algebraically incorrect: So now nested parentheses are antisemitic??

  3. Use the coincidence detector on the list of people pushing for war in Iran, and watch parentheses appear everywhere. That's why it is used to detect these "coincidences".