Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Donald Trump:The Dark Side and Nightmarish Reality of the America Political System

Richard Ebeling emails:

Dear Bob,

I have a new article on the news and commentary website, “EpicTimes,” on “Donald Trump Bankrupts American Politics.”
Both Republicans and Democrats have been in panic mode about the Donald Trump as presidential candidate who may enter the White House in January 2017. Yet, Trump is the corrupt creation of the bankrupt politics that modern American liberals and too many conservatives have helped foster in the United States.

Progressives have insisted for more than a century that individual rights to life, liberty and property were out-of-date notions of a bygone era, and that the constitution was a “living document” that should not restrain centralized government under socially conscious executives and bureaucrats from remaking America according to collectivist definitions of “rights” belonging to groups through redistributive and regulatory policies.

Republicans long ago gave up any concerted effort to reverse the “big government” but have attempted to manipulate their voters with the promise of a return to limited and constitutionally restrained smaller and less intrusive government. They have willingly played the interventionist-redistributive game with their Democratic colleagues for power, position and plunder.

They all have worked and succeeded in transforming American politics into an arena of arbitrary and discretionary government in which special interest group votes are bought in return for privileges, favors, and benefits at the expense of others not ranked as deserving by “politically correct” and fashionable benchmarks and without the concentrated influence to bend government power in their direction.

And then comes Donald Trump who represents the essence of the corrupt, arbitrary and power-lusting political system that Democrats and Republicans have created in America. Only he uses a rhetoric and crudeness and an “in your face” style that shocks and frightens those on both the political “left” and “right” because he represents what their ideas and policies logically lead when the mask of false politeness and the illusionary and meaningless references to “social caring” and the “common good” is torn away.

What is left is Donald Trump: the dark side and nightmarish reality of the America political system that the progressive left and unprincipled conservative right has created in the United States.



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  1. Have to differ on Rich about this. Trump is not a threat to them. He is there to keep the angry mob in the RP in the party when it was clear that they couldn't stand the lameos like Bush Rubio and co. it would have better for us if Bush had been the nominee. Noone would have come to the primarys on either side RP because well and on the DP every one would have expected ol' Hil to win and would have stayed home too.