Friday, May 20, 2016

Yale’s World-Famous Lefty Ethics Professor Accused Of Sexual Harassment

There definitely appears to be a pattern of unethical behaviour by Professor Thomas Pogge, as laid out by BuzzFeed.

A self-identified “thought leader,” Pogge directs international health and anti-poverty initiatives, publishes papers in leading journals, and gives TED Talks. His provocative argument that wealthy countries, and their citizens, are morally responsible for correcting the global economic order that keeps other countries poor revolutionized debates about global justice....

Pogge, then 56, and Lopez Aguilar, then 21, started corresponding about her thesis. Emails obtained by BuzzFeed News show that Pogge chided Lopez Aguilar for being too formal with him.
“Please don’t treat me like some porcelain primadonna,” he wrote when she said she hoped she wasn’t taking up too much of his time. When she said she was “forever indebted” to him for writing her a letter of recommendation, he told her to “cut it out.” When she apologized, he said he was “sorry for the scolding”: “I just thought you knew a little bit about me by now.” She assured him she did. “That’s a relief, Fernanda,” he wrote. “If you don’t understand, who will?”...

 The fact-finding arbitrator, a former judge who teaches at Yale, also spoke with students who said Pogge was perfectly professional.

The arbitrator concluded that “neither party was telling the whole truth.”

She wrote that Pogge had admitted it was “unwise” to “invite an undergraduate woman to his apartment when there was no one else present, to agree to share a hotel room with her for several days, and to sleep with his head on her lap during a flight.”...

It has been a busy spring for Pogge. In late April, he spoke at the London School of Economics’ Africa Summit. On May 19, he talked about “effective altruism” at the University of Hong Kong, which advertised Pogge as “one of the most prominent figures in the contemporary academic debate on global justice.” In June, he’ll teach a master class at the University of Queensland in Australia, which called him “an exemplar of the best type of engaged political philosopher who tackles global problems and practices philosophically and practically.”...

The full report is here.

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