Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Trump Adviser Calls for Trump to be a "Heavily Armed Dove"

Donald Trump economic adviser Larry Kudlow just retweeted a tweet from the Jack Kemp Foundation:

Larry Kudlow
7 minsTwitter
Retweeted Jack Kemp Foundation (@kempfoundation):
We agree @larry_kudlow, @realDonaldTrump should focus on being a heavily-armed dove and creating tax policies that empower all Americans
Here is part of Kudlow's tax plan:
Most loopholes & deductions should be removed.
Here's Mises on loopholes:
Capitalism breathes through those loopholes.

Bottom line: Trump/Kudlow are setting up for a phony tax cut. while building up a "heavily armed"dovish(?) military.

Oh yeah, this is going to work out real well.


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  1. Rothbard said that if there is to be a tax it should be a poll tax because it would necessarily have to be low.