Monday, May 9, 2016

Now John McCain is Going to Support Trump

The trifecta is in: Adelson, Cheney and John McCain.

"You have to listen to people that have chosen the nominee of our Republican Party," McCain said on CNN's "State of the Union" Sunday. "I think it would be foolish to ignore them."

He went on to say that party leaders cannot abandon the party's voters, who picked Trump.




  1. I completely agree that Trump is no friend to the libertarian, and as you have pointed out the endorsement of Adelson and Cheney don't improve the prospects of a Trump administration. Now McCain, who I have no respect or admiration for, doesn't seem to fit your trifecta. I don't buy that he is endorsing Trump because he is actually okay with all of the policies that Trump is hinting at. I think it will work out that way, because Trump is in fact a crony, but I don't think that is his current motivation. To me, it is clear that McCain is just trying to cover his butt so that he still has a chance of keeping his job after November.

  2. A McCain endorsement is a vote for the opposition. It's Hillary for the win. From this point forward, regardlrss of her enabling, regardless of her Benghazi crimes, or treasonous actions, she is the next president of the United States. Democratic machine will install her. Obama's powers to kill US citizens scared people. Establishment wants an ominous threat, a menace in the White House to manage their ranks and its citizenry. It helps with control. "But, but, but we live in a democracy . . . ." LOL.