Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Donald Trump to Meet With Henry Kissinger

“The illegal we do immediately. The unconstitutional takes a little longer.” (Henry Kissinger from March 10, 1975 meeting with Turkish foreign minister Melih Esenbel in Ankara, Turkey)

Oh great.

Donald Trump is scheduled to meet on Wednesday with former Secretary of State and war criminal Henry Kissinger, WaPo is reporting, citing three people close to Trump.

According to WaPo, The meeting in New York comes after weeks of telephone conversations between Trump, and Kissinger.


(ht Jay Stephenson)

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  1. Yikes! Henry the Hutt.
    Here's a mind experiment. Say you're a bored G.I. overseas. One night you sneak off and whack a civilian. You get caught and convicted. You get shot by a firing squad.
    OK you're Henry Kissinger. You without cover of law, i.e. as a PRIVATE CITIZEN, sneak shitloads of B-52's to a NEUTRAL country and MASSACRE tens of thousands of innocent civilians. Consequences? A freekin Nobel PEACE Prize. How could anyone have a problem with that? Never mind, Jerry Springer's back on.