Tuesday, May 17, 2016

BREAKING Trumps says he disapproves of Putin's actions in eastern Ukraine

As if it is somehow the business of the U.S.,  in an exclusive interview with Reuters, Donald Trump told the news agency that " he disapproved of Russian President Vladimir Putin's actions in eastern Ukraine.."

It looks like Trump is getting the hang of this Empire thing.



  1. It's truly an amazing spectacle, isn't it?
    American politicians condemning Putin for doing no different than the U.S. has been doing to whole scores of countries in the last 15 years alone. Except much less bloody and with people in the region actually welcoming him.

  2. I was a Trump supporter in the primaries, but have been googling John McAfee a lot lately due to stories like this. He certainly has some character flaws, but look who he'd be running against if he got the LP nomination. At least he's honest and transparent.

  3. You know what I'd like to hear? Putin get on TV in Russia and say, "Hey, we don't give a crap what the American's think. Butt out!"

  4. so the Trump thing is just the usual election year scam. Don't like the guys we put up? we'll find new people who will talk big then go back to the usual DC interests once the running is done.