Thursday, May 5, 2016

BREAKING: Ron Paul Inc Operatives Found Guilty

This is a developing story.  Return to this post for updates.


 Jesse Benton, who is married to a granddaughter of Ron Paul,   Dimitri Kesari,and John Tate have been found guilty be an Iowa jury of campaign violations during the 2012 Ron Paul presidential campaign, for  making under the table payments to Kent Sorenson to induce him to jump to the Paul campaign from the presidential campaign of Michelle Bachman.


They were found guilty on all charges.




 Benton and Tate faced four charges at trial. Jurors found them:

Guilty of conspiracy  
Guilty of causing false records
Guilty of causing false campaign expenditure reporting
Guilty of a false statements scheme


Kesari, the former deputy campaign manager, faced three separate charges. Jurors found him:

Guilty of conspiracy
Guilty of causing false records
Guilty of false statements scheme


  1. Karma is a bitch. Using your grand father in law as a cash cow and directly sabotaging a good man's campaign has consequences for greasy slime

    Good luck getting another campaign job atleast for a little while. DC will take him back they love scum

  2. Ron Paul doesn't have many faults, but we veterans of 2008 and 2012 have always questioned his judgement in keeping that worthless sack of poop on board.

  3. I agree Capn Mike. Always grateful for what I learned from Dr Paul, shoot just the books I've read because of him. Goes to show that good people should stay away from politics and politicians really are all scum. I wish I could have every dollar back and about 3/4 of my time back (still hold on to the other 1/4 for the aforementioned knowledge).

  4. I don't like Mr. Benton but I still hate for this to happen. Far worse is committed by the RNC, DNC, and every major candidate.

    And many of the requirements that were violated are lame State requirements that would probably have no place in a libertopia. That said, it's foolish to play the game and then break the rules when you are an outsider.

    On Ron Paul, he is a total hero and a great man in history. But I sometimes surmise that he has a weakness for being a critical judge of character when it comes to reelection. Democracy is corrupting, and I think Dr. Paul may have had less of a critical eye on those who ran his campaigns, as his concern ultimately was the success of the election. He too often fell for these professional types that whitewashed his campaigns.

    1. I agree and would say that the Good Doctor was more interested in the message of liberty than the actual politics and was used by those close to him. Going to be some awkward family gatherings.