Friday, May 6, 2016

BREAKING Dick Cheney Says He Will Support Trump

First Adelson, now this. What will libertarianTrump fanboys make of this?


  1. Bob, it obvious to see whats going on. Trump hasn't turned neocon (at least not yet). Its the neocons that are trying to invade his potential administration. Lots of neocons endorsing him the past two days but is he endorsing them? This is Trumps golden moment. This is the time to kick the neocons to the curb. We'll see if he was just all talk or if he really does want to change Washington for the better. Read David Stockmans latest for a primer.

    1. Marc, Trump is talking about putting Giuliani and Christie in his cabinet. So yes, he is endorsing them.

  2. Just don't go hunting with him Donald!