Sunday, April 10, 2016

Walter Block on Bernie Sanders

Socialist Bernie Sanders attended Brooklyn’s James Madison High School at the same time that libertarian Walter Block did and they attended one year together at Brooklyn College.

They were on the track team together at James Madison,

The New York Daily News has a story out in today's paper reporting on Bernie's high school and Brooklyn College experience: Bernie Sanders' Brooklyn high school classmates dish on candidate's teen years: Track star, class president, nonconformist.

Dr. Block is quoted in the article:
“He was a sweetie pie. Everyone liked him,” said former classmate Walter Block, 74, who added that Sanders was already interested in “very left wing politics.”...And even though he got accepted to the prestigious University of Chicago, he opted to attend Brooklyn College instead...

‘He would complain that the teachers were dumb and the students didn’t really care,” Block recalled....

After leaving for Chicago, Sanders would never live in Brooklyn again.

But his old classmates joke that every time he opens his mouth, there’s no question from where he came.

“He looks a lot different,” Block said, “but his voice hasn’t changed.”

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