Thursday, April 28, 2016

Social Justice Warrior Madness: USC Cancels ‘Legends of the Games Industry’ Event for Not Including Women (On a 7 Man Panel)

America’s premier game-design program canceled an all-star industry panel last week for the sole reason that the 7 man lineup was all-male.

The University of Southern California was able to attract some of the biggest talent in the industry to their April 20 event: head game designer at Blizzard, Jeffrey Kaplan; CEO of Riot Games, Brandon Beck; and head of Infinity Ward, David Stohl — among others.

Just four hours prior to the event, the whole thing was cancelled. And the reason given was it had to be shut down because of the all-male panel — as explained on the Facebook page of the University of Southern California Interactive Media & Games Division, reports Heat St.



  1. I assume there is/was a contract between USC and the Legends of the Games group. This contract either contains verbiage that USC reserves the right to cancel or USC has breached the contract.

    One thing for sure, USC doesn't care much about the cost (monetary and otherwise) to the event promoters, panel, attendees, etc. Why should they when they have no skin in the game?

    Those Gamers better make sure they have every race, gender, religion represented in their lineup but only one philosophical view.

  2. Holy...They didn't even say "we regret any inconvenience" or any kind of fake apology. Surely people were planning to attend this.