Saturday, April 9, 2016

I Just Added Clifford Gaddy to My List of Suspected American/CIA-Collaborator Disinformation Agents

Clifford Gaddy, an economist at the Brookings Institute, is pushing the absurd idea that Russian President Vladimir Putin is behind the leak of the Panama Papers, which at a minimum embarrassed Putin. He also weaves into his theory an explanation of why no significant American names have been mentioned in the reports on the leak.

His theory:
 I suggest that the purpose of the Panama Papers operation may be this: It is a message directed at the Americans and other Western political leaders who could be mentioned but are not. The message is: “We have information on your financial misdeeds, too. You know we do. We can keep them secret if you work with us.” In other words, the individuals mentioned in the documents are not the targets. The ones who are not mentioned are the targets.

The CIA newswire (aka The Washington Post) is featuring the wacko theory: The not-completely-crazy theory that Russia leaked the Panama Papers.


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  1. Those diabolical Russkies! First they invaded Crimea (oh, wait, they were already THERE), then they invaded Syria (oh, wait, they were invited), and now THIS (whatever the hell THIS is supposed to be). By this reasoning I've got the goods on you, Wenzel 'cause I hardly know anything about you. (except you date hot Ethiopian chicks).