Friday, April 22, 2016

Donald Trump’s Jet Is Grounded by the F.A.A.

Donald Trump’s Cessna jet has been grounded, reports NYT.

The aircraft, which records show has been used to shuttle Mr. Trump to dozens of campaign events in recent months, has been flying with an expired registration since Feb. 1. On Wednesday, a Federal Aviation Administration official informed the plane’s pilot that the Cessna cannot fly until it has been reregistered.

“F.A.A. inspectors have contacted the chief pilot of N725DT about the aircraft’s expired registration,” Laura J. Brown, a spokeswoman for the F.A.A., said in a statement, referring to the plane’s tail number. “The aircraft owner is currently working with the F.A.A.’s Aircraft Registry and will reregister the aircraft before further flight.”

Once the Cessna’s registration is resubmitted, Trump’s jet could be flying in a matter of days, though it has been known to take much longer, depending on the circumstances, according to NYT.

It costs $5 to register an aircraft, and it is valid for three years.

DJT Operations CX, Trump's holding company that owns the jet, was warned that the Cessna’s registration was set to expire. The warning notices, though, were sent to the Delaware address of National Registered Agents, the company that registered DJT Operations CX.

When asked by NYT  to comment on the status of the Cessna’s registration, Hope Hicks, a spokeswoman for Mr. Trump, reiterated her comment from the day before. “The standard renewal process is just about complete,” she said.



  1. $5 to register a plane? I wish our car registrations were so low. Of course zero would be best.

  2. If only we lived in a free country... where it's nobody's damn bussiness to know if I own a plane, car, motorcycle, firearm, house, business, dog,...

  3. Ridiculous. Why not be able to pay a thousand bucks for a lifetime registration

    1. Speaking of ridiculous, why did you just suggest RAISING a tax?