Friday, March 4, 2016

Ron Paul, Amash and Kibbe Won't Back Trump If He is Nominated

The Hill reports:

26 Republicans who won’t back Trump as nominee

Republicans who won't back Trump

Rep. Justin Amash (Mich.)

Gov. Charlie Baker (Mass.)

Glenn Beck, conservative host

Jay Caruso, RedState

Eliot Cohen, former George W. Bush official

Rep. Carlos Curbelo (Fla.)

Steve Deace, conservative radio host

Rep. Bob Dold (Ill.) 

Erick Erickson, conservative writer

Doug Heye, former RNC communications director

Former Rep. Bob Inglis (S.C.)

Matt Kibbe, former Freedom Works CEO

Bill Kristol, The Weekly Standard editor

Kevin Madden, former Mitt Romney aide

Former RNC Chairman Mel Martínez (Fla.)

Liz Mair, GOP strategist

Former Gov. George Pataki (N.Y.)

Former Rep. Ron Paul (Texas)

Rep. Reid Ribble (Wis.)

Former Gov. Tom Ridge (Pa.)

Rep. Scott Rigell (Va.)

Rep. Mark Sanford (S.C.)

Sen. Ben Sasse (Neb.)

Former Rep. J.C. Watts (Okla.)

Peter Wehner, conservative New York Times contributor

Former Gov. Christine Todd 


  1. Lew Rockwell has a lot of good things to say about Trump because he is a populist and anti-establishment. I wonder why Ron Paul is very against him.

    1. Re:limelemon,

      --I wonder why Ron Paul is very against him.--

      Probably for the same reason I am against him: because El Trumpo is a bigoted, self-aggrandizing, economically-illiterate Fascist buffoon.

  2. Lew has a lot of good things to say about Trump because all the usual suspects hate him. He does not support Trump for president. And I doubt Ron Paul supports any of the current candidates.

    1. Yes, and since Trump is an outsider and not bought and paid for, I would expect Ron Paul to give him credit for this and to use this as an opportunity to show that whoever is against Trump is part of the ruling class or deep state. (Also remember Trump wants to audit the Federal Reserve).

  3. Ron Paul is probably the only one on that list that opposes all the candidates because of principal, the rest I would think have other nefarious plans. I hope this is the only time Mr. Paul shows up on a list with these bozos.