Tuesday, February 9, 2016

Politically Correct NYT Calls for Draft Registration for Women

Totally EVIL and actually kind of dumb with gender equality blather. Does the Times seriously think that the average US trained female killer will be able to match up against a trained enemy male killer?

From the NYT editorial page editor's blog:
Now that all American combat jobs are open to women, there is no longer any reason they should not be required to register for the draft.

Even though the possibility of a draft is small — it hasn’t been used since the Vietnam War — registering should be a matter of common sense. Women have fought long and hard for equal treatment and in December, Defense Secretary Ashton Carter announced that women will be allowed to play all military roles, including leading infantry soldiers into combat.

Requiring women to register for the draft would be the next step in bringing gender equality to the military services and in ensuring the Pentagon can draw on the broadest, most competent pool of recruits if the country — which now depends on an all-volunteer force — needs to call up tens of thousands of troops to fight a war.

It is also a matter of fairness. Whether anyone should have to register at all is a reasonable question. But as long as men aged 18 to 26 are obliged to sign up, women should bear a commensurate responsibility...
Among Republican candidates who have spoken out, Senator Marco Rubio of Florida, Governor Chris Christie of New Jersey and Jeb Bush, former governor of Florida, endorsed requiring women to register during a debate on Saturday ahead of the New Hampshire primary.

Of course, the libertarian position is that draft registration should be abolished not expanded under the pretext of "fairness" and "equality."

Be careful ladies, politically correct nonsense may eventually get you killed in the Middle East or otehr distant lands.



  1. F the NYT too. I seriously wish that POS that want this would either die sooner than later (of natural causes of course) or just join the military themselves. I hate the draft. This is the single biggest reason I am seriously considering leaving this POS country, to save my 8 kids from being killed by it.

  2. Did the NYT really not think about the consequences of women being captured by a group such as ISIS? Is the NYT so vacuous as to think that any woman captured by ISIS will not be gang-raped?

    I am totally against drafting anyone, man or woman. However it seems to me that woman will not only have the being-blown-apart and PTSD issues, but will have the psychological damage from a gang-rape added to that horrific mix.