Thursday, February 4, 2016

Alt-Right vs. Socialist Left: What It Means for Liberty



  1. Alt-Right/Neoreactionaries and the Socialist/SJW Left are basically a statist Yin - Yang. They both support the use of government thugs to get people to conform to their world view, to them voluntary transactions (both social and economic) is racist/degenerate. They openly hate libertarian anarcho-capitalism as much (if not more) as they hate each other. Neoreactionary founder Menicus Moldbug was open about his hatred for libertarianism.

    1. I recall quite the opposite from his manifesto. At any rate the alt-right has moved to new territory relative to the neo-reactionary.

  2. Great stuff from Deist. Makes me think of Cantwell's endorsement of Trump, which seemed to have an alt-right perspective.

  3. Great talk by Deist. If any action is necessary I would encourage communicating his observation that both the progressive/liberal and the alt right are frustrated by persistent government failures and the conflicts generated by politics. At the same time we see the "harmony all around us in the marketplace surrounding us." A harmony based on voluntary transactions and commerce without coercion. I am not sure this message will advance liberty measurably but it is a message that cannot be repeated too often. Well done Mr. Deist and thank you RW for sharing.

  4. Great speech!

    @~26:35 "...a libertarian society is a society where the great matters of the day- cultural, economic, social- are not decided by politics."

    That dovetails nicely with your recent comments, RW:

    "The entire concept of libertarianism is based on the idea that people are quite capable of taking care of themselves (and their children) and that there is no need for over-ruling bodies. It is the observation that the actions of over-ruling bodies, despite possibly initial good intentions, turn evil. The danger with creating a central power is that it creates a focal point that can be corrupted."

    Here is another one:

    @27:30 "Really, that's what our movement is all's helping people make the leap from government isn't working to where they need to be, which is the government can't work."

    I agree with Deist that advocating that "government can't work" is "what our movement is all about". Advocacy of minarchism is something that is outside the realm of libertarianism altogether.