Thursday, January 14, 2016

Are They Going to Take Hillary Out?

Gary North emails Lew Rockwell:
The Judge: “There are now more than 100 FBI agents investigating Hillary Clinton.”
I grew up in an FBI home.  A hundred agents on a case is huge.This has to be top priority.  Obama has not called them off.  He is playing the role of a judicial independent.  That positioning will fly.
Biden just gave a thumbs-up to Sanders.
The rodents are leaving the ship.

I believe the last batch of released emails was the most damaging (SEE:  WOW They Got Her; Hillary Ordered Deputy to Send Doc in Unsecured Fashion).

They seem to be ratcheting up in an orderly fashion the release of the emails that point to violations on the part of Hillary.

I don't believe the Democrats will run Bernie in her place. It has to be Biden---or maybe someone else.



  1. I've always assumed O'Malley would be the nominee- obscure but handsome and inoffensive- but his milquetoast bullshit has killed any momentum. He's a Democratic GWBush.

  2. How much time can be left? I'm not sure they're going to trip her up with e-mails.

  3. Statist power games. No mas.

  4. If there's no competitive successor to her, Obama would be blamed by his party for them losing the election. He wouldn't want that.