Sunday, January 3, 2016

344 “Mostly Young Black Men Shot to Death” . . .

By Thomas DiLorenzo

. . . mostly by other young black men in Baltimore during 2015, almost all of which is cause by the “war on drugs.”  What is “BlackLivesMatter” doing about this?  They are barging into suburban restaurants where white people are peacefully eating lunch and screaming in their faces “Black Lives Matter!!”  “Black Lives Matter . . .!!”   (A few months ago “Black Lives Matter” responded to the the hundreds of black-on-black homicides in New England by breaking into the Dartmouth University library to scream in the faces of the mostly white students there studying for exams).
This is an ingenious strategy  that I’m sure will put an end to the epidemic of black-on-black homicides in American cities.
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