Saturday, December 12, 2015

The Cruz Ground Game

Lifted from the comments section of the post: POLL A Soaring Cruz Missile Opens Up 10-Point Lead on Trump in Iowa. Brutus writes:
Don't know about Iowa, but the Cruz org. here in South Carolina is pretty strong. I was surprised by a knock at the door a few days ago. It was a Ted Cruz supporter canvassing the neighborhood - the only canvasser to date. (Just imagine the conversation we had.)

He said they were determined to give Cruz a good showing in the state and, judging by this fellow's polished pitch, I believe Cruz will be up by the time the GOP primary hits on February 20th.

We live in a rural subdivision some 15 minutes from town. That's some pretty thorough canvassing right there. We usually only get phone calls.

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  1. I live in a suburb of Seattle and the canvassing we got of Cruz here has become a real annoyance. Ok just joking, we only get LDS and universal healthcare folks here...