Sunday, December 13, 2015

Roger Stone: Donald Trump Take-Down Attempt Coming

This falls in line with what Fritz Wenzel told me.



  1. Rubio - Kasich??? OMG, GOP death-wish redux.
    Hey, RW, looks like you're getting your Hillary wish.

  2. Rubio-Kasich is a plausible solution for the GOP central planners. Let's assume that Hillary has CA, IL, and NY on lockdown for a total of 104 electoral votes, plus all of the small blue states. What are the big prizes left on the board? FL, TX (assuming that Cruz would be promised a Cabinet position), OH, MI, and PA. Kasich would help with the Midwest vote, maybe enough to pull not only OH, but also MI and PA. This wouldn't be enough to stop the Hillary machine, but sure would be entertaining for John Q. Public to see the great American "democracy at work", and ending with the election of the first female president.