Sunday, December 13, 2015

Rand Paul Campaign Thinks Rand Has Raised $22 Million and Has 400 "Fully Operational Grassroots" Groups Working for Him

This is part of what the Rand Paul campaign put out in a statement attempting to justify why he should be on the main stage of the CNN debate when they weren't sure he was going to make it:
Senator Paul has a national, first-tier campaign, organized in all 50 states. He is on the ballot everywhere that has had filing. He has over 400 fully operational grassroots groups, and his campaign and related entities have raised $22 million for this race. It is simply not consistent with facts to attempt to force the campaign off  of the main debate stage.
The only way Rand is getting to $22 million raised is if he is counting money Sheldon Adelson and the Koch brothers promised him when he was having a dream.

And the only way Rand is getting to "400 fully operational grassroots groups" is if he is counting the Iowa jurors that found Jesse Benton not guilty in a recent trialand extrapolating that number across the country.



  1. He is counting all superpac money and his campaign over the whole year. His numbers may be accurate but they look very unimpressive when compared to the serious campaigns.

  2. I asked some local Rand supporters if they were doing any of the things we did for Ron at this time. We were going door to door dropping Ron Paul pamphlets to every registered Republican and waving Ron Paul signs over the highway. They said they weren't doing anything. Being a moderate conservative just doesn't seem to inspire the same passionate followers.