Friday, December 11, 2015

Top Pollster: Trump Will Be Completely Redefined in 30 Days

By Robert Wenzel

I spoke to pollster Fritz Wenzel (no relation) in early April. Back then, Donald Trump was not in the race, but he thought Trump would be strong (at least in New Hampshire) and trouble for Rand because Trump would be perceived as having an anti-establishment independent streak and boy was he right.

It was time for another call to get his latest take on Trump. What he had to say shocked me.

He said that the world is going to be completely different in 30 to 45 days. Trump is going to be completely redefined. He said that the focus will be on the bankruptcies of Trump firms, Trump's marriages and his womanizing.

I said to him, "Won't this stuff just roll off of Trump just like it has to date?" He said, "no" that people will start looking at the candidates more closely and most don't know anything about Trump other than his provocative statements. That will change he said. He said he had seen some of the opposition research that will come out. He singled out the January 14 debate as a date by which it will be clear things have changed.

I asked him about the womanizing he mentioned. He said it was pre-Ivana and he was a single guy but "it will put Bill Clinton's antics to shame." He said back then Trump was in the New York Post on Page Six every day.

I asked him how this information was going to come out, He said via SuperPACs, not associated with any candidate. He said it could be very heavy ad spending.

So there you have, Fritz seemed pretty confident in his view. Will he prove correct or will Trump prove another prognosticator wrong? We will know soon enough.

Given his take on Trump, I asked him who he thought would emerge as the Republican nominee. He said Jeb Bush couldn't be ruled out but he said it was hard to imagine he could stage a comeback. He named Cruz, Rubio, Fiorina and Kasich as possibilities.

He said Christie will fade after New Hampshire.



  1. He can't be that smart if he thinks that Fiorina and/or Kasich will emerge as front-runners. They have no chance, no chance. Also, bedroom antics prior to the current wife (unless there are allegations of rape or restraining orders, etc.)will wash off Trump like water off a duck. Now, financial difficulties for the Trump brand might be a more serious issue but even that will unlikely derail the Trump locomotive and his rabid followers.

    1. the stupid party stabs it self in the throat repeatedly ...stuff from 70s? he married ivana in 77 and the financial dtuff thats not an issue as people who don't like him already it will just confirm it for them and those that like him already will admire his ability to come through fine despite it all. this is stupid. Hilary doesn't have to do anything.

  2. I doubt it and this guy is full of it. Feel free to call me out as wrong at the end of January. But trump is going to be just fine.

  3. Bill Clinton is a multiple rapist. He counts a convicted pedophile as a friend, and has visited the billionaire pedo's pleasure island more than once. He's a sick, sick perv, who abused the power of his office both to procure more victims as well and his protect himself from legal repercussions. These are described as "antics"? Trump's behaviour is mooted as worse than Clinton's? Preposterous, and no thinking person would give this bilge a second thought. 

    1. Kind of what I was thinking. Unless they can pull up some rape accusations how could he possibly be said as "worse than clinton"? The superpacs going after him is just going to make him look like an outsider that the establishment doesn't like...which will just make people like him more. Belief in the MSM is lower than congress.

    2. The coming attacks on Trump by the MSM will become increasingly hysterical, likely bordering on comical. Whether it sinks The Donald remains to be seen - I think there's a distinct possibility that they may backfire and actually increase Trump's overall appeal,as well as underscoring the sheer venality and grossly liberal bias of the MSM.

  4. Trump's bankruptcies were due to the collapse of Atlantic City tourism which was caused by aggressive unions, skyrocketing crime, and the legalization of river boat and Indian reservation gambling in several eastern states. Fritz sounds like a grade-A moron.