Friday, December 11, 2015

Oklahoma City Ex-Copper Found Guilty on 18 of 36 Counts; Rape, Sexual Battery while on Duty

Former Oklahoma City police officer Daniel Holtzclaw, accused of sexual assault by 13 different women, and who prosecutors said targeted women of color (especially drug addicts, alcoholics, and sex workers, because he thought no one would believe them if they reported him) has been found guilty on 18 of the 36 counts he was facing, including four counts of first-degree rape.

The jury recommended a total sentence of 263 years for Holtzclaw. His formal sentencing is set for January.



  1. The official narrative of a few bad apples is becoming less believable with each revelation that the men and women in blue are not "heroes" to be worshipped or emulated.

    No, they are just as corrupt and depraved as ever.

  2. A rather unfortunate name...but now we have an indication of the level and type of criminality necessary for police officers to be held accountable.

  3. Wow a coproach is actually going to jail for being the thug that he is, I wonder who in the court system he pissed off.

  4. I hope the inmates give him a nice, warm welcome. Repeatedly.