Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Meet the Malignant Narcissist

Hmmm. Jesse's Cafe Americain is running this YouTube clip, without comment.



  1. I know this personality type as the DARK TRIAD (narcissist, machiavellian, sociopath). This is the personality type that best describes the typical politician.

    This is why selecting public officials by lottery (called "sortition") is MUCH better for maintaining integrity of the state. Sortition is the defining characteristic of democracy. The democratic ancient Athens selected their public officials by lottery (except the 10 generals and to their ruin). There has not been a democracy on Earth since the time of Aristotle.

    Calling an elephant a mouse doesn't make it a mouse and calling modern plutocratic oligarchies like the US "democratic" does make them so.

    Elections all but GUARANTEE dark triads will be put into political office. Aristotle wrote in Politics (paraphrasing), "elections are thought to be oligarchic and selection by lot thought to be democratic."

    If we are to have government at all, the only way to keep it honest is by selecting public officials by lottery from all citizens. Elections inescapably MUST result in putting dark triad demons into office... as we always have had.