Thursday, December 17, 2015

BREAKING Libertarian Discussion Forum PopularLiberty (formerly to Shut Down

Martin Hill reports:
Chaos Ensues As Popular Liberty Discussion Forum (Formerly Abruptly Announces Permanent Shut-Down Dec 31 
Michael Nystrom, owner of the very busy libertarian discussion forum PopularLiberty (formerly has announced that he is closing his site down for good on December 31st. Nystrom had previously posted that he was considering shutting the site down over the past year or two, always to the consternation and upset of his members. 
Nystrom was not a big fan of Rand Paul, so he changed the name of the site to Popular Liberty and ditched the 'Paul' moniker last year, to avoid having the site devolve into a Rand fan-boy site. 

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  1. The end of an era. Mike Nystrom is a true hero. He gave me something to strive for. Blessings, Michael, and fare well.

  2. Mixed feelings on this one. My very first web search about Ron Paul in 2011 led to a link to a comment on a post at Daily Paul that mentioned the Creature from Jekyll Island, which I immediately ordered from Amazon and read. Man, what a long strange trip it's been since then...

    That being said, I stopped checking that site when it came to be defined, in my opinion, by Nystrom and his crew of sycophants' special brand of quasi-Eastern New Age-y psychobabble. I think his faux-hipster stream of consciousness goodbye note is a good example.

    1. I'd say that is a good assessment. I did notice what your refer to regarding Nystrom, but it never bothered me. The mods didnt seem like control freaks, except when it came to topics regarding israel and zionism. I was actually banned years ago and had to get a new username. All i had posted was a story that jewish newspapers were also covering. One time, Nystrom banned entire topics about a famous speech that Jewish millionare Ben Freedman had given condemning zionism. Yeah, there was something squirrly with Nystrom., not exactly sure what. But he deserves accolades for a great forum he ran for many years.

    2. I was never able to get interested in TDP. When I first went there, most of the topic starters were videos instead of writing. I'm generally bored by sites dedicated to a politician anyway. Ron's fans really should face the fact that he's a (now retired) career politician.

      No cult of personality interests me.