Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Yale Students So Sensitive Even Older Lefties are Concerned

What the hell is going on?

Forget University of Missouri uproar, some Yalies called for the president of Yake to step down after he defended his wife after she sent out an email about Halloween costumes!

This is really getting insane. "Rights" advocates for official victims' groups have gone totally loony. Even older lefties are in shock. Though a collehe professor friend notes, "These little tyrants are the bastard offspring of older radicals."

Spiked explains:
Video footage of Yale students losing the plot over a faculty head and his wife, who said everyone should calm down about Halloween, has caused much head-shaking in liberal circles. And it isn’t hard to see why. The head’s crime was that his wife sent an email suggesting academics and students should chill out about ‘culturally insensitive’ Halloween costumes. It’s okay, the email said, to be a ‘little bit inappropriate or provocative or, yes, offensive’ on this one day. For his wife issuing this mildest of rebukes to over-sensitive over-18s, the head was accosted by a mob of students insisting the email made them feel unsafe. When he told the crowd that he thinks university is about providing education, not a ‘safe home’, they screamed at him to ‘step down!’. ‘Who the fuck hired you?!’, the most unhinged of the students cries.
(ht Mark Brady)



  1. These older leftist loonies will be in even stronger shock when their communist/fascist progeny start sending them to labor camps.

    The idiots never learn.

  2. These people are so insane they are cannibalizing their own. It's utterly absurd.

  3. Call it blowback - the teachers and administrators now reap what they have sown. If this helps tear down the church that is today's university system, it will be difficult to shed tears.

  4. Even liberal Richard Dawkins came out against this "safe spaces" bullshit awhile back saying that if your the type that needs a safe space then stay in your parents basement. This is one of the reasons I hate people in general.

  5. Yes, this is insane. But why should libertarianism have anything to say about this? After all, there are no NAP violations here. The students are not rioting (yet) or being violent. If this offends our values, as it should, what values are they and why do they have to do with libertarianism?

    1. Well we can have an opinion about bad behavior without advocating the use of men with guns to stop the behavior. The NAP does not mean we have to keep silent. Personally I view this as a beautiful development. They bred these young radicals now they have to deal with the consequences....beautiful!

    2. Yes, but why is it bad behavior? Based on what principle? And why pick this issue and lament about it on all the libertarian websites? Why not, say, another topic in the news? What is it about this issue that seems to attract the attention of all the libertarians? There must be some connection. Yet, according to thin libertarianism, there isn't one, and this behavior is perfectly compatible with libertarian principles.

    3. Ed - the whole leftist shebang exists on money extorted from us. That makes it bad. The government-supported universities should be abolished - together with their minority and women's studies departments.

  6. This campus=safe haven bs comes from Noam Chomsky and his ilk. I recall an interview where he said that college campuses could not be a place of free speech because people there thought of those places as havens. Funny, 40-50 years ago, when the left radicals weren't in every nook and cranny on college campuses, that same moth eaten sweater SOB was saying that there freedom of speech on campus were being violated.

  7. All this reminds me of the Maoist
    Students and their Little Red Books. The first generation communists were purged by the second generation who would get purged by the third.
    I wonder if college kids watched Last Emperor or Farewell my Concubine would they "get it" and understand that they are those loathesome shits, or would they cheer on the Revolutionary Guard for executing the very teachers who taught them how to be revolutionaries?