Friday, November 27, 2015

Will Kim Davis Challenge Rand Paul for the Republican Senate Nomination?

I am hearing speculation that some Republican insiders are so furious with Rand Paul for failing to focus on his Senate re-election campaign and not end his futile presidential campaign that they are considering getting behind Kentucky Clerk Kim Davis to challenge Rand for the Republican Senate nomination.

Kim Davis, the county clerk in Kentucky who spent five days in jail for refusing to give marriage licenses to same-sex couples, would be able to raise money nationwide for a Senate campaign, at a time when it seems Rand is having trouble raising money.

As I write, hours into a Rand money bomb, Rand has raised all of $3, 351,59.

Davis could probably raise that amount of money on her neighborhood block in 10 minutes,

What's more, she would no doubt be able to count on legions of enthusiastic volunteers to help in any campaign, at a time it is unlikely Rand will be able to garner for his re-election campaign enthusiastic support from his father's followers and tea party supporters, given the many flip-flops he has made on many positions that are important to libertarians and tea party followers. Those supporters were instrumental in getting Rand elected to his senate seat when he first ran in 2010.


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